Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kellys Wedding

ha! Tricked you! I did not blog, but stopped by here to give you the link to my Facebook photo Album from the trip downstate. There is a place to comment at the bottom of each pic. I'll be checking back for your updates...


Friday, May 1, 2009

8 (not 7) reasons I prefer FaceBook

Despite the recent additions of Lisa and Jimmy, you may have noticed that I, once an avid user of Blogger, have not been here in recent days. Many recent days, as a matter of fact. The overriding reason is that Facebook is an awesome social network, and its many applications excell and then exceed what Blogger offers:
1) Pictures and Videos upload way faster
2) You can comment on individual pictures, or the "album" as a whole
3) I can "tag" people for photos that I believe they would be particularly interested in
4) FB automatically notifies me (and you) of any comments on something that was responded to. 5) I can use the "link" feature if I want to let people know about a new blog post,
6) It is like being in a big coffee house, sipping Lattes while you go table to table joining various conversations and finding out whats new in peoples lives
7) ALL my friends are there, not just a few. Now I just need family to join
8) You can play scrabble :-)

The solution:
I recommend that you all join facebook and make me your friend. I am there alot, so you can hear all about how I am baking cookies, or feeling tired, or who I think did best on American idol. How interesting is that??? As a bonus you will have automatic access to all my photos without waiting around all the time for updates that never come. (I know you do that!)
Blogger has made significant improvements, to be sure, but as far as picture-sharing and staying in touch with family, which was my primary purpose for being here, it will never be enough.
Hope to see you all over at FB soon!!!!!!


Monday, March 16, 2009

Grandmas Party!

The environmentalists would be so proud of our "Green" party for Mom yesterday! Here's some scenes from the day. the still pictures can be found on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=21783&id=1173371187&l=161b49bf7a

What is a party without a game? The kids played "Zoo" Joel and Grandpa Wayne found a common interest And finally the most sung song of all:

Monday, March 9, 2009


Here are just a few scenes from Charlie and I's recent visit to Albuquerque.

This is us by the Rio Grande: And us plus Bethany at the Petroglyphs. They were pretty cool

The stairway Jesus built. Cool story, quite a miracle:

My guy and me at a cool tunnel we drove through

Bethany and Matt during our hike in the Skandia Mts

That is just a touch of all we did and saw! It was a blast! I loved Albuquerque. So, in case you are interested I used one of the many wonderful facebook features; I posted links below to my other pictures. Check em out:


Friday, February 20, 2009

Scenes from the Zone:

I know this may be shocking, but I am a woman of few words right now. I have been working Way too many hours and I finally have a day off and thought I'd throw up scenes from a Cornerzone concert a few nights ago. It has been great to be involved in my kiddos life again, and I am grateful for so many answers to prayer!

Oh, P.S: Josh leads a Bible Study and worship time at the Zone every Thursday. These have been well attended and really good.
Be sure to check out these dancing vids: ;-)

Next pics will be from our trip to New mexico!! Woot! We visit Bethany February 23rd to March 3rd. I am soooooo ready!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lots of pins for Uncle Luke

Hosanna is very Proud of her Uncle Lukey He's having a pretty good wrestling season at his *new* school: MarquetteSenior High School

Pin #1

Pin #2 immedietley followed by pin # 3:

His fans were overwhemed with joy!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Gifts of Christmas:

Merry Day after Christmas ya'll!! I wanted to share a few moments from our Christmas day. Unfortunatley, I hadn't charged my camera battery, so I missed a few special moments, but here are some I did catch:
1st: The great game opening:
Next: I had an idea in early December for a gift for Josh. I ordered it right away, but it wasn't sent for a week after. Those Jewish people don't seem to understand the Christmas rush! ;-) So I made Josh a unique little card:
Yup: A cut-out jewish dude
And inside was a "Tallit" or prayer shawl to put on him. Josh loved the card and gift idea. he even thanked me for thinking of him in purchasing a gift he hadn't asked for (although he said he thought of it) but really wanted!!
Luke had meticulously saved ALL his birthday and Christmas money planning to buy a guitar. Little did he know I had secretly ordered the one he wanted so he had it for Christmas. he was pretty creative with his picture taking of the Seagull mini-jumbo acoustic electric

I hear Zuri got alot of dolls for Christmas. Charlie and I bought her a very life-like little doll that comes with accessories and says 28 phrases, giggles, and cries, depending on how you hold her and which accessory she is using. Even I want to play with that doll!!Hosanna enjoyed her keyboard from super grandma. Zuri had a giant horse from super grandmaAnd Josh's brother Matt particularly enjoyed his Disney princess collection: